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The Pursuit of Perfection [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Master of the Dark Hadou

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The Student's First Day [Jan. 20th, 2011|11:23 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
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[Current Location |Neo-Gokuentou]

Returning from his sojourn below a world, Akuma looked out upon his island home with eyes that showed no hint of the weariness he felt; climbing under a world was quite a test of his stamina, after all. Yet he could feel the ki of his woman, that of his child... and another? Seemed vaguely familiar, too.

So, the child came for instruction after all.

It was rare enough for someone to take Akuma at his word that he was actually somewhat surprised at this turn of events, yet the offer was made sincerely enough. Besides, it wasn't as if she was a complete novice, needing her hand held through every faltering beginner's step. It might well be worth seeing what came of this, yes.

So it was that the demon began to stride down the hillside, heading for the dwelling that housed all the folk he felt. No delay would be permitted, no time to rest considered for the merest moment; she came to learn from a legendary demon, and could not be permitted to see any weakness in the master she chose.
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2009|03:35 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
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[Current Location |Neo-Gokuentou]
[Current Mood |Preoccupied]

It was a peaceful day on Gokuentou. The monsoon season had come and gone, and now it was just pleasantly brisk out; a refreshing breeze rippled the blades of grass over the hillside. The shattered remains of a robot death squad littered the canyon floor, as Mai handled taking the larger pieces to the scrap pile, and little Amy- "NO!"

Mai sighed and tugged the chunk of titanium exoskeleton away from her child. "This is NOT for chewing! It is for throwing AWAY." Shaking her head at the girl's pouty look, "You get this from your father, don't you?" Honestly, it was one thing after another, she thought as she smiled a bit. These two goofballs of hers were worth it, even if she really was looking forward to lunch with Blue Mary on Wednesday. And then probably Chippendale's, just for fun. It's all fun and games if she stays nonalcoholic, right?

For her part, Amy pointed imperiously at one item. "Ball! BALLball!" Proceeding to climb all over and fall off the severed robotic head she had apparently claimed for herself, she seemed to be absolutely certain this was the coolest toy ever.

Five minutes later, she'd gotten bored and stumbled off toward her mama again, a little hungry and quite ready have her diaper changed. Mai made a note; it really was about time to have Gouki start her on potty-training. But she'll get back to feeding that little munchkin after the work here is done; a pile of miscellaneous robot parts isn't going to melt itself, after all.
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A confrontation in the making [Mar. 20th, 2009|02:28 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Akuma blurred through the portals linking world to world, fetish-clad new protege over his shoulder as he went. Never stopping for anything in his way, he even passed through the earth itself if necessary... but still, it was less than seven minutes between start and finish, where the demon put his burden down.

Demon and woman stood atop a green hillside o'erlooking a blasted valley, bare of life yet filled with bodies... Wooden bodies, lacking in arms and legs yet standing in profusion along every ridge. And at the head, a goodly-sized dojo of classic Japanese construction... And now Akuma might actually have a very odd expression on his face. Was he... did he actually smile!?
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Testing the Legends [Apr. 29th, 2008|06:39 am]
Master of the Dark Hadou
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The songs had been sung, the drinks had been drank, the stories had been told... It seemed all that was left was to say goodbye.

...Oh, right. We're dealing with a pair of incredible superhuman martial artists! Like they were going to leave without at least a friendly spar to size things up. At least this fight would end better than the last he remembered.

Bowing respectfully at opposite sides of the practice ground, they settled into their respective stances. It was interesting to see the subtle differences, the way each was tuned more closely to face the styles of their own era. Each kept a close eye on the other, seeking out a weakness to capitalize upon, a flaw to exploit-

And when they broke stalemate, no man could say who moved first.

The flowing grace of their combat practically defied description. Feint within feint within block and strike and kick and move as they blurred across the grounds, subtlety and power the hallmarks of each as they strove. Muscle and sinew, bone and blood and power all focused towards the one goal of destroying the one who stood against them!

Attack and apart and clashing together again, neither one seemed to have a clear advantage. Fists thundered against ribs, a whirling foot nearly took its target's head off, and orbs of energy flew to collide with one another time and again...

Until at the end, two great explosions of chi and earth merged into one, covering the battlefield with a dirty haze. Gradually, the choking dust settled, leaving two filthy men laying on their backs (and occasionally choking and spitting off to the side as they tried to catch their breath).

"THAT was a battle to remember, Akuma. Though it would have been worth an ignominious defeat if you had shown me your true strength."

A chuckle, followed by a fair bit of coughing. "It was skill that needed testing, Master. You knew what I held back, and that was enough. If I could not hold up in technique, when fighting as an equal... well. But judging from this example, I would say I still have 'the edge.'"

Gradually, the two got up and shook themselves off, with many groans and several more coughs. Walking to the prayer gate together, they paused and bowed to one another, and then the redhead was off.

Goutetsu was feeling his years as he walked back, sighing as he heard the anxious scramble of little feet trying to get back to their blankets; darting forward suddenly, he grabbed the young redheaded boy by the scruff of the neck and dragged him back out into the open. "GOUKI! If you find sleeping so difficult, then twenty laps around the dojo ought to help!"

Watching the mumbling boy start his run, Goutetsu smiled softly. He'd have to be even harder on the boy, after seeing his magnificent future... After all, he needed to make the child live up to it, didn't he?
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An Unexpected Reunion [Apr. 28th, 2008|07:20 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
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Honestly. What better use of being flung back in time than to see long-lost family?

And Goutetsu was lost so very long ago...

Leaving the pile of impertinent Army rabble behind, Akuma flew up half-remembered slopes, feet barely seeming to touch ground. Every step awoke another shock of déjà vu, just this run in just this place so many years ago, as he turned his head and half-expected to see his brother breaking ahead-

No. I left him behind decades ago.

..Well, technically, decades to come, but time travel nonsense can just be ignored.

Right up until he sees the old dojo, and two young boys being taught outside.

One, with hair like fire as he struggled to master the katas taught him with furious intensity, mistaking and correcting and grinding forms into his stubborn body until they came as second nature. He had talent, yes...

But it was clear the older boy, brown-mulleted and clever, was far ahead in that resource. The techniques seemed to come second nature to him, practice only imparting further sheen to moves that seemed polished from their first effort. He worked hard, yes, but his inborn ability buoyed him upward; by the admiration in the younger boy's face, it was clear who took the lead.

The little girl on the dojo steps didn't have eyes on him, though.

Seeing the tableau from the outside for once left Akuma suddenly shaken. To see his brother shining in the leaf-dappled sun was as a punch to the heart, the master's daughter alive and even now staring so made him feel liked he'd been kicked by a rhinoceros... And then he saw his master, and it all seemed to slip away.

Not the the same as he'd always remembered, no. Years younger and a headwrap lighter, a hard man with a crooked beak of a nose and piercing eagle eyes. Overseeing the children's practice with a stern hand, he remained patient through debacles and never missed -or forgave- a slip. A hard man... yet one who had a gentle smile for his daughter, and words of encouragement for the boys as he gestured them inside.

And then turned, looking Akuma directly in the eyes.

Akuma, rocked back in surprise, still managed to be amused at his own reaction. Yes, it's been decades since anyone has spotted me when I didn't wish it. So what? This is he who TAUGHT me. Coming forward through the three crimson Shinto gates, he strode to the other man, moving lithely with an almost insolent stride...

Right before kneeling at Goutetsu's feet. "Master."

Looks like Akuma can give the old man a shock too.

-Some Time Later-

The two old warriors laughed, sharing tea as they caught up. Both were amazed at the parallels to be drawn from their respective wanderings; Goutetsu seemed to be able to adapt to the concept of time travel well enough, and was enjoying Gouki's recounting of some of the challenges he'd overcome. Akuma, in turn, was AMAZED to hear some of the stories his master had thought to spare from younger ears; the circumstances of his fighting Li Shuwen and how he began a rivalry with Oro were no less than astounding!

"WHAT? That scoundrel makes it THAT long!?" Goutetsu nearly spluttered in shock. I knew his kenjutsu was a powerful style, but still!"

Akuma actually smiled, easy as breathing. "Be at ease, Master. Your ansatsuken has proven to be fully a match; I did forge ahead as he rested on his laurels. Still, it is a privilege to know that I face one of your old opponents."

Goutetsu chuckled, clapping his old student on the back. "I always felt you had the seed of greatness, Gouki. Still, what happened to your brother? And my daughter, Sayaka? I wish to know all!"

"..." Shaking his head, he looked over at his mentor with a look of utter seriousness. "One of the many, many things I have learned, Master, is that knowing too much of the future can change the past, and cause untold catastrophe. So please, do not press for details when I tell you that Gouken becomes a mighty warrior, with two strong disciples of his own. And Sayaka..." He breaks off for a moment, large hand coming to cover his face. "Our child is strong, and I have never stopped loving her."

Wordlessly, Goutetsu reached over, patting him on the back in commiseration, just above that redly glowing kanji. The same mark that two boys can't seem to stop staring at from a distance... one in revulsion, one in fascination.
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A Nation At War [Apr. 27th, 2008|11:52 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou

It was Shikoku.

It was the second World War.

What on Earth is he doing here!?

Apparently, that timeflooding business in the Nexus WAS something he should have avoided. He's just so unused to things actually applying to him!

{"YOU! What are you doing there!?"}

...Including people who felt they could give him orders.

"I stand. I see. Why do you interrupt me?" He'd only a little more tolerance for the Japanese than for anyone else, which is to say virtually nil. Still, don't want to change history-

("Get your filthy rags away from that area! You will not go sneaking and spying around here, you're under arrest!")

...History had BETTER be able to take care of itself.

Suddenly rushing forward, Akuma lifted the brash soldier before he even had a chance to raise his gun. With the slightest effort, the disrespectful wight arced screaming though the air, landing near the bottom of the hill and rolling the rest of the way. Shouldn't be more than broken bones.


Hopefully the platoon charging at him would fare as well.

{Approximately three minutes later}

The last groaning soldier was contemptuously dropped atop the pile of his fellows. Fools, one and all; the war must not have gone on all that long yet, based on how these folk were so arrogant from victory. They would learn soon enough... Wait.

Those mountains to the west...

"Master..." The word was barely breathed, just before he set off at a run.

It's not often you can chat with a loved one you killed, after all.
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A Surprising Detour [Apr. 23rd, 2008|11:37 am]
Master of the Dark Hadou
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Stepping away from Hephaistos, Akuma started to head over to his usual portal. He would normally trust Mai with handling herself -oh, and the infant too- but these were far from normal circumstances. Mai may do perfectly well facing Orochi foolishness or crime syndicates, but she lacked that warrior's edge of ruthlessness; to be willing to do whatever needs be done.

He often wondered if that irritated or intrigued him more.

Still, the flowing rush of unbound time broke against him, eddied and whorled as he plowed straight through. Kind of similar to walking upstream in a river, actually, without the added benefit of freshly cleaned clothes. Though come to think of it, his gi suddenly looked as fresh as when he'd torn the sleeves off... and the rope it was belted on with looked as if it would crumble at a touch. Huh.

All this swirling time certainly makes it hard to see, and what little that might be glimpsed was pretty much warped into unrecognizability. If Akuma didn't have such an absolute sense of direction, he might've started to doubt himself, but all those years walking the Earth did have some use after all.. Ah, here's the portal. Wait, nothing here! What..? Oh, there it is. Just another foot forward. Step...

Ah, back in Japan. It always felt good to see the old familiar mountains- Why was he on Shikoku? The portal was supposed to open in Kansai! And what were all these weaklings in uniforms doing?


He KNEW those uniforms. As a child, he saw them.

But how could he be back in World War II!?
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A Birthing Experience [Mar. 24th, 2008|09:38 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
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Cut for detailsCollapse )
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Attempting To Douse The Flame [Nov. 11th, 2007|08:46 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Half a mile out from the seaward beach of Gokuentou, Akuma sat. The low tide lapped around the base of his seat of glass, every splashing wave rising just a little bit higher; the hungry sea would soon consume it all over again.

It had taken him the better part of an afternoon to make, the little sandspire that held him up. Fusing sand together underwater was no simple matter, but Akuma had breath to spare and was willing to take the time to get it right. For the purpose at hand, it was ideal, and he always had plenty of fire to spare. Fire...

"I am everywhere there is fire." So spoke the smith-god, and Akuma learned the truth of it the hard way... as the thrice-cursed cuffs around wrist and ankle constantly attested. Yet for a creature whose mastery came from a lifetime of fanning the flames of his soul, the inferno of his ki, this gave his divine opposition an unstoppable advantage. You don't try electrocuting Zeus, you don't try to drown Poseidon, and you just don't burn Hephaistos... Which meant another way had to be tried.

Still in a light meditative trance, he began another attempt. He might've used a more traditional mantra, but something about this one just felt right... And as anything can be pressed into such service, why limit yourself by tradition?

"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
With what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor

Upon the last word, his aura suddenly swelled outward, expanding to some thirty feet of flames all around him. The waters in the way vaporized, a cloud of live steam billowing upwards as the sea kept trying to fill the gap created...

"...but if it had to end twice,
I believe I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction

And with that enunciation his ki collapsed upon itself, as Akuma attempted once more to invert its expression... and once more failed completely.

"...Is also great...
And would suffice."

He'd be sighing later, but now came the contemplation of the why. Why did it continue to elude him? Where was his mistake? What did he fail to grasp?

Ever since he returned from Aetna, he'd been working on this. Every day he wasn't working at the mountain he set aside time to experiment on a change; failure? Failure just meant you had to try harder.
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Beheading a Hydra [Locked to man_of_means and fatal_shiranui] [Oct. 22nd, 2007|02:07 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Akuma strode through his portal, waiting for Greed to follow. Times like this, he was glad he kept his Nexus entrance on the mainland; Greed was NOT a guest he would welcome uninvited! Still, there was no point in such precautions should Akuma be an idiot and show him the way...

One hand lashing out with sudden and fearful quickness, he gripped the homonculus' forearm and blurred into his Ashura Senkuu, letting the miles whizz by in splintered seconds. Even so, there was a bit of zig-zagging and extra maneuvering-just to make sure he wouldn't have a straight line to follow, of course. They came back into focus on the isle less than a minute after setting out, standing before the dojo with the training-dummy valley at their backs, as Akuma's hand sprang away from his opponent with a disgusted twist of the lips.

"SHIRANUI!" He called, and sounds of movement inside the dojo proved his answer.
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In memoriam Assassin ((Locked to onemorevendetta [Sep. 15th, 2007|10:30 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
It was on the anniversary of his death Akuma came to the grave of Gen, once a year to pay his respects to the fallen master who had helped him come so far. He took the time to savour his encounters with the white-bearded lord of battle, remembering every moment in crystalline detail; he wondered how his old rival might think of him now? The situations he had gotten into, the lover and the teachings-

Hmm. Come to that, Gen might have approved of taking on students. It was certainly something to think about, as he sat cross-legged before his fallen foe... or friend.

With those two, the line was ever blurred.
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If Akuma ain't happy, NOBODY's happy. [Aug. 7th, 2007|12:08 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
((Taking place before this.))

So, it had been a god all along. One that seemed quite popular with the standard folk, for that matter...

Still, if he were going to repay this 'Hermes' properly, it would certainly be a good idea to know his foe! A visit to the library seems to be in order...

-Much Later-

Pushing aside the latest in a pile o books about Greek mythology, he sighed. How much was truth, how much was nonsense, and what of ANY of this would prove useful!? Hmm, perhaps these Gaian god-foes would be useful. The Hecatonchires, no; the Titans.. Oh like you know how to get to Tartarus, Akuma! Grow UP.

Now, where were- Wait, go back a second, what about HIM!? NOw that would just be perfect...

Rising from the chair, his mind sped ahead.. Apparently it was time to go tell it on the mountain.
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THNMY'd [Jul. 7th, 2007|10:50 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Akuma came out of the Nexus with his face in hand-literally. That time on the island had apparently ended in his killer cutting his face off and wearing it as a mask!

..And apparently, what one wore when they died was what they wore upon their return. Which meant that not only did HIS killer have such a mask, but so did his killer's killer. One of these, at least, had just been retrieved.

He wanted on his isle now, to take a good look at this thing. And since he kept his portal a good thirty miles inland from his home and didn't hold with those PINpoint thingies, it was time to run!

Sprinting away at perhaps a mile a minute (The first two miles in the wrong direction, just in case of pursuit), it took him a little over half an hour to arrive. Going to his dojo just before the training plain, he sat and.. looked at himself.

Damn, he really is ugly, isn't he?

Still, more importantly. When he tried to burn it with his ki in the Nexus, not only did it fail to ignite, it seemed stronger. More durable, farther from decay.

Was it possible that he could not hurt himself that way? Let's try it again.. YES! Apparently, Akuma's energy cannot harm Akuma! Further, just as the internal flows of his ki keep his body strong, so too is that which was part of him but is no longer. Its strength was enhanced by having his power projected into it!

While this is all fascinating and perhaps someday useful, the mask remained.. and that was intolerable. How about an indirect approach..? Igniting one of the wooden dummies, he let it burn on its own for a time before throwing the Akumask on top. The sound of sizzling flesh came back, and Akuma smiled to himself; NO-ONE shall have trophies made from ME.

Now, for the big blue robot-thing.
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Annd back. (THNMY) [Jun. 29th, 2007|08:12 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou

Akuma was on that accursed null-isle, drowning in his own blood thanks to a RIDICULOUS combat situation with some metal-plated weakling, as fantastical imaginings of what he would do if he had his strength danced through his head...

Then nothing.

It was over. The striving, the pain, the hidden misery and darkened guilt, the constant clenched-in control over his raging inner fires; all the tolls demanded and prices paid in his quest for star-touching greatness? Gone.

Akuma could finally rest...

And then back he was! The same spot where he had, just a few days ago, been abducted from his attempts at stalking dinner, and apparently unharmed as well! The infamous kanji quickly reformed on the back of that tattered black uniform drenched in his own blood, complete with that gaping hole in the side where his life had spilled out...


This was a matter of LIFE AND DEATH! No second chances, no 'do-overs', SO WHY COULDN'T HE REST IN PEACE!?

For a moment he considered just re-ending it himself.. But no. That was the coward's route. Besides, that blue abomination was UNWORTHY of his life; he could not let that defeat stand!

Take the world back on those shoulders, Akuma; you'll be heading into the Nexus once more.. Eventually.

You may have to work off some rage and aggression before you can be at least semi-rational.
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Abducted [Jun. 23rd, 2007|05:56 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou

It was the middle of the night, and Akuma was hunting.

Cheerios? Hamburgers? HAH! Pathetically weak! If you cannot feed yourself then you may as well be dead on your feet!

Also, if you don't hunt and grow your own food you have to rely on civilization to help.. And not only does Akuma have contempt for civilization, relying on ANYONE else for your survival is a sure route to disaster. They have power over you, a club over your head.. And nobody will EVER have that over Akuma. (Or so he thinks!)

Besides, Shiranui was going to visit in awhile; he wanted to whip up something extra special. All of this is why he's stalking that bear!

Creep, creep, creep.. All too soon he would be rady for the final spring, chop a hand through its neck before it even had time to react. Okay, gather yourself up for that last jump, andGONE.

...Okay, there's now an Akuma-shaped hole in this picture. WTF just happened?
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Here we go again! [Jun. 6th, 2007|11:13 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
((Taken from here))

He went back.

He confronted his betrayer.

And dammit, she wouldn't leave him in peace! He tried putting on a little speed, seeing if that would dissuade her. But first, "Your 'reasoning' is word-spinning garbage! My eyes saw, my ears heard, and none of your rationalizations can change the past. There is nothing left."
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Your greatest enemy is as close as the other side of a mirror.. [Jun. 4th, 2007|08:29 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Akuma sat, as he had day after day in his wreckage. Meditation consumed his days, save for times when he was sought out by those who called themselves 'warriors'.. None remotely worthy arrived, and after a few armies had their expensive toys ripped apart before being sent home, the amateurs quit visiting.

Incidentally, the lasagne MRE wasn't too bad.

It was his own lust for carnage that he fought, day in and day out.. Trying to shackle the beast inside once more. After having been let loose, it was all the more difficult to restrain; the few mountains remaining before this effort certainly would attest to that, if there was anything left.

And yet, the weak survived. His contempt of the defenseless? Undiminished. His desire to squash them like the bugs they were? Stronger than EVER!

And yet, the weak survived.

His struggle for the only control that ever mattered, control of the self, was having that much effect, at least. Gradually he managed to improve upon it, struggling every step towards the restraint he had once known, even restoring the sign on his back to what it once had been.. But all the while, he knew what he'd have to do.

Discipline that only existed under ideal circumstances was worthless. A recovering alcoholic may be fine in his own home, but how does he do when it's raining beer? THAT is where the true test lies, and in the same vein..

He would have to face her again.

Only then could he know, one way or the other.
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Time NEVER had any meaning to start with. (Happened a while ago, HONEST!) [May. 16th, 2007|07:03 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
[Current Location |The hellfield formerly known as the Himalayas]
[Current Mood |miserable]

It was two days later.

And what was formerly known as the Himalayas just looked like hell.

Where range upon range of snow-capped mountains once stood, all that remained was a vast network of overlapping craters, some of which still smoked. ..Whup, there goes another one!

That glowing purple mite still sped from holdout spot to holdout spot, doing a thorough job of his destruction; the accumulating rubble had been blasted to dust repeatedly, and the air was chokingly thick. Various former inhabitants had tried to face the agèd maniac, and would have had better luck trying to stop a hurricane with their bare hands.. Their charred remains still littered a few points here and there. The rest had fled.

Akuma was breathing harder than he had at the beginning, steps more labored and explosions perhaps a little smaller than before.. But that staggering force that had slipped his bonds drove him one nonetheless. Darting up another slope on ragged feet, he spied the summit and prepared to take it down-Wait.

There was a woman up there! A dead woman. ..With crazy hair.


Just like before, her voice still had that choral quality..
"I rather like it here, actually. Charming view, don't you think?"

Yep, still able to make his teeth grind. "Leave. NOW!! Or.."

"Or what, Akuma? You'll strike me down in cold blood? Is that it?" Her laughter chimed like glass bells. "Poor, miserable Lord of the Fist. Have you truly fallen that far?"

For some reason, despite everything, that still stung. He may have been anguishedenraged beyond control, but blast it he never gave up his pride! "And what business is it of YOURS if I ache? Go back to your soulmate, if you wish a wrong to right; I have my own ways of adjusting." Akuma turned his back on her, flamingly cold eyes looking for another peak to crush.

She'd gotten a lot quieter now, sadder. "And what price that adjustment, Akuma? What would you do, once you had run out of mountains to tumble? My cards gave warning, and you know it to be true; once you had no more things to hit, you would have started on people. And who knows when your bloodlust would be slaked?"

...She'd started him thinking again, DAMMIT! Right now he didn't WANT to think! The clean, pure joy of destruction, the heady glow of finally cutting loose.. These things did such a good job of protecting him from the hurt!

And yet...

So far, all she gets is an ambiguous grunt as he keeps looking. He certainly did a number on the place, all right..

The woman seems to take this as reason to keep talking, however. "Is that truly what you want, Master of the Dark Hadou? To have your legacy be nothing more than a rampage of slaughter against defenseless innocents? The woman betrayed you, yes, and offended you.. But you have been better than that." Her personal thoughts aside, going after his ego is the one option that might work.. GIANT GLOWING FIST COMING STRAIGHT AT HER WHERE DID THAT COME FROM DON'T YOU DARE FLINCH!

And sure enough, he stops a hair's breadth from hitting her. Akuma just can't bring himself to kill a wench not actively fighting him! So instead, he'll rage. "I DON'T WANT TO BE BETTER THAN THAT! I WANT TO STOP FEELING THE IDIOT, AND STOP CARING ABOUT THIS HUMILIATION! AND BY ALL THE GODS I WOULD TEAR FROM THE SKY, WHAT I WANT IS TO BE LEFT ALONE!!"

..This seems like a good time to show the better part of valor. "I leave you, Akuma. All I ask is that you think upon what I said; you would hate yourself in the end if you follow this path." And indeed she goes, walking just slowly enough to avoid looking like she's running away and not a whit slower.

Akuma, his solitude returned, gradually sinks to his knees as the rage gradually drains out of him. "As if I don't already.." Murmured words taken away by the wind, as tears he'd thought long burnt out trickled down his dirt-encrusted cheeks. Damn it, why did he have to CARE?
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Trust, and be betrayed. (Post Contest-confrontation) [Apr. 2nd, 2007|07:03 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou

When Shiranui laid down her ultimatum, something just.. cracked inside Akuma. The one woman -the one PERSON- he'd actually allowed himself to care about other than a mild interest in half a lifetime, the woman he had given his heart to..

And she ground it beneath her heel and spat in his face.

He never even thought of stopping her as she left with the random other woman; his back was already turned and he was on his way before they had even left the stage. Numbing shock seemed to coat everything in a soft fuzz, as his feet took him he-knew-not-where, following a subconscious urge to be alone.

The blizzard had been lashing at the slopes of Mt. Everest for a good two weeks by now; the would-be-climbers had either given up or frozen long ago. Akuma, his every step melting footprints through ice where he walked, fingers driving into solid stone as he climbed, paid as little attention to elevation and weather as he did to all that he crossed on his trek. Relentlessly moving onwards, he reached the peak in record time.. And at the loneliest place in the world, he finally allowed himself to feel.


And then, a *BOOM* shook the mountainscape. Everest, the highest reach that man had ever managed to scale, shivered from base to peak.. and in a jolt recorded as off-the-scale on every seismometer in central Asia, it just blew apart in a colossal magenta flare.

Less than an hour later later, the closest rock-spire suffered a similar fate, caving in from a vast strike nearly halfway up its side.. and a figure wreathed in a crackling purple aura and crowned with bone-white hair sped away, on to the next.

For forty-two years, Akuma had always kept himself in check. The relentless destructive urge of the Dark Hadou had pushed at him, waking and sleeping, to simply rip and smash and crush everything he saw.. But Akuma had mastered it! Forced it to heel like a tamed dog, freed only when and to the EXACT degree he permitted it! From instant to instant over the long span of his life, Akuma was always in control of himself, to a degree even the great warriors of the world could hardly suspect..

And now it was all coming loose. A lifetime of suppression backlashing upon him, the only thing that was real to Akuma was pure, raging, insane hatred the likes of which would make the Devil himself step back! The smashing, the tortured scream of rending stone and the crash of rubble where once had stood the immutable pillars of the Earth, that was all that mattered, as he was mastered by the very force he had embraced and there found power he never imagined..

A pall fell over the world, people in every country fearing without knowing the cause, as the glowing mark on Akuma's back gradually changed to the kanji for 'Destruction.'
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An.. interesting battle. [Mar. 30th, 2007|05:24 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
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[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Facing Bogard was.. Enlightening. His tactics even defeated me, though I believe it to be a close-run match.. Still, I begin to think that I have been spending too much time focusing on getting stronger and not enough on my actual technique and fighting instincts. I had NOT performed as well as I was used to; now I wonder if my defeating the Ryus as I did was more a matter of knowing their techniques than true prowess..

I wonder if this is what they refer to as 'losing your edge.'

In which case, I shall have to meditate on ways of honing myself back to what I was. Shiranui or no, softness is something I cannot embrace in myself.

..I think I have begun to talk too much, as well.
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Tournament: A Bout with Bogard [Mar. 21st, 2007|07:22 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Akuma cricked his neck a little, stepping over to his part of the arena and facing his opponent with a calm, almost abstracted air. Bowing slightly, he awaited the signal to begin.
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Now don't say Akuma doesn't help people out! [Feb. 7th, 2007|09:35 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou

Any questions?
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A day late and a dollar short, meme! (OOC) [Jan. 21st, 2007|09:41 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Comment here and I'll tell you one thing that I like about your pup (specify if you've got more than one). Then post this to your journal if you're one of the VERY few people that haven't already.

Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of your pup's (specify again). Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.
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OOC: November Writing Drabble! [Dec. 3rd, 2006|08:36 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Frankly, I think I'm in over my head on this one, but I keep wanting to write more and I WAAANT a shiny Takhys banner. This should be a test of my abilities that I will likely fail for various reasons relating to computers, but at least it's not sitting here like a lumpish oaf!

Well, not very MUCH like that.

Too much space!Collapse )

Wish me luck, people!
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2006|08:47 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
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"TatsumakiSenpuuKyaku!" He spun like a top, his leg battering at Gouken's guard.. Until the attack ended, as a wily Gouken swept his brother's foot out from under him as he came back to earth. Rolling with it, this man in the topknot came back up with a ferocious barrage of fists and feet. Left, right, right, kick, jab, fierce- when suddenly his onslaught was interrupted by a "SHORYUUKEN!" and the young redhead flew across the clearing.

He meant to take but a moment of rest before flipping back to his feet and returning to the fray, but- "GOUKI!" The fight was put on hold as the young woman who had been watching rushed to his aid. "Sayaka.." He mumbled, unaccountably embarrassed before the Master's daughter. "Don't speak, don't speak! You've done enough already." She spoke firm yet soothingly, cheeks a little more flushed than might have been expected, given the circumstances.

On the other side of the clearing, Gouken laughed and started to come over. "With a nursemaid like that, I'd be taking hits too!" His brother's words made him feel suddenly irritable, though he wasn't quite sure why. Shrugging off Sayaka's ministrations a little more gently than he meant to, the somewhat indrawn young man got himself up and met Gouken halfway. "Another one to you, Brother.. Do you have it in you to try again?" "Sure. I'm not the one getting beaten up!" replied Gouken cheerfully. "Not yet, anyway." 'Gouki' riposted with a wry upward twitch of the mouth.

Each taking a step back, they took up their stances again and set themselves.. When just then, a booming voice echoed through the clearing. "SAYAKA! GOUKEN! GOUKI! TIME FOR DINNER!" Both lowered their fists, one looking happy at the prospect of food and the other looking regretful to miss a chance to fight.. But they wrapped arms around each other's shoulders and headed back in, idly chatting.

"These practice forms feel so stiff and limiting; I can't wait until Master Goutetsu lets us use the real techniques!" "I don't know, Gouki. There's something about these styles that seems oddly.. right." Gouken looked thoughtful a moment, then grinned boyishly. "But hey, let's see if the Master will let us go into town tonight! The Ishikawas just got one of those new 'televisions' a couple weeks ago, and Ichiro said that we could watch it with them!" Turning to the wash bucket, the three cleanse hands and face, required for some reason before every meal. "I don't really see the point of those things. If you wish to see something that happens in another place, why not just go there and see it?" The more brooding young man muttered.

Gouken laughed as they walked up the steps to the dojo. "Oh, Gouki, you were born in the wrong era. Lucky for you that you've got me around!"


The man once known as Gouki sighed, dragging himself up out of clinging memories. That was another time, another name, another man.. Taking back the necklace of prayer beads from the tiny obelisk raised over his Master's grave, Akuma set them back around his neck and began the long walk back to his training grounds.
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Inspired by DM prompt #3 [Sep. 12th, 2006|12:43 am]
Master of the Dark Hadou

I remember my childhood.

Gouken, brother mine; he shaped my life in ways I still discover to this day. Sayaka, the kindest and most gentle person I have ever known. And Master Goutetsu, more of a father to me than blood could ever be.

When I was a child, Goutetsu was the rock upon which my entire world was built. A master in every sense of the word, he was everything I strove to be.. He trained me in the art of his creation, challenged me at every turn and showed me that I never need to cease improving. Limits are for those willing to accept them.

After Gouken disappointed him so, I knew it was more important than ever that I grow to be a worthy successor; we both knew there would be no other to rise. I strove harder than ever to be fit in his eyes, to be fit to carry on his legacy.

I wanted to see pride in his eyes when he looked at me, pride and respect.

I finally saw it at the last, dying in my arms. Dying by my hand. I wear the prayer beads taken from around his neck as constant tribute to his memory- Even as I surpass anything he had ever imagined for the art of Ansatsuken.

When I was a child, Goutetsu was the rock on which my entire world was built.. But that was then, and this is now.
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2006|08:42 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
Akuma led Toph in from the beach of his island, climbing up the steep slope and sliding down the inside of the small valley to where his home was.. just before the plain of targets. A sea of lifeless man-shaped armless wooden dummies, used while training, each one a mirror of the next.. but it was the open space Akuma intended to use first.

He looked to Toph. "When you have familiarized yourself with your surroundings, call up a dust cloud around me. I want you to be able to sense my every movement."
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Continued Fight [Jul. 10th, 2006|06:37 pm]
Master of the Dark Hadou
((From here.))

Akuma noted the youngling's surprise at his Ashura Senkuu with disappointment, seeing that this one was perhaps not so skilled as he had hoped. Resolving not to resort to ki attacks unless she showed herself FAR more formidable, he handsprung off the top of the wall and suddenly arrowed down at her from a crazy angle, feet stretched out to a very steep flying kick.
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